How to Host a Jack and Jill Couples Shower in 2023

bride and groom bridal shower

If you’re planning a wedding, you may have come across the words Jack and Jill when looking for wedding inspiration on the internet. But what exactly does it imply? Is this a mixed-gender shower? Is this a couple’s fundraiser? Or is it a combination of the two? Let’s take a closer look at what bride and groom bridal shower is:

A look into the History of Jack and Jill Couple Shower

A Jack and Jill aka couples wedding shower was traditionally a party held before a wedding to generate funds for the newlyweds. An example of this would be throwing a party and charging $5 entry to the guests, with the proceeds going to the engaged couple. Charging for beverages or even conducting a raffle is another example.

Note: Even in the jack and jill aka couples shower the wedding shower gifts are a must and if you are on a tight budget then these inexpensive bridal shower ideas would be great. so don’t forget to buy one for your loved ones.

Because it isn’t a traditional wedding shower, you can invite both men and women, as the bride and groom-to-be will be present.

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An Innovative Twist

couples shower have evolved to become less conservative and dogmatic in their behaviour. This is when the gender-neutral shower comes in handy. You have the option of charging guests an entry fee or not. You should keep in mind that if you charge entry, your visitors may not bring gifts or attend in smaller numbers.

If you don’t want to charge entrance, you can hold modest raffles for a few bucks, such as “Guess how many jellybeans are in the jar!” This will add some variety to the event by including games, food, props, and prizes, among other things.

Jack and Jill wedding shower is becoming increasingly fashionable.

Furthermore, it’s a nice way for the groom to join in on the celebrations that were previously solely open to the bride. Keep in mind these most important parts of this happy occasion.

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What is couples wedding shower?

Who says the females deserve all of the fun?! Modern party planners are moving away from the traditional girls-only bridal showers and toward a more male-friendly approach! It’s called the “Honeymoon Phase” for a reason: you can’t stand being apart from your partner.

After all, you’ll be receiving things that you’ll both use in the future, so why not include your partner? Compared to a wedding shower, a coed shower or jack n jill shower is more like a cocktail party. There may be games, and the couple will undoubtedly be showered with gifts, but the atmosphere is often less flowery and manlier.

Whether you’re a bride hosting a bride and groom bridal shower or a bridesmaid throwing their first guy/girl bash, we’ve put together a list to make sure you’ve covered all of your couples’ shower bases!

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Jack and Jill Couple Shower – Reason of Popularity

There are numerous advantages to hosting a couple showers, including a larger guest list, more theme options, and more food options. A couple shower theme permits both members to attend and invite their friends; therefore, it’ll certainly turn into a coed shower with all visitors.

It also establishes a wonderful precedent for mixed wedding parties and shared bach celebrations. 

Here are all of the reasons we believe a pair shower is an essential pre-wedding event (plus advice on how to plan one yourself).

  • To a couple shower, you can invite anyone you like.

The conventional version of this pre-wedding celebration is a bridal shower. It was usually just for the bride and only female-identifying guests who attended the ceremony.

However, not every soon-to-be-wed identifies as a bride, and not every bride wants to celebrate without her significant other.

Because it incorporates both couple members, a couple shower is a more inclusive approach to this cherished pre-wedding occasion. That implies you’re not constrained to a specific guest list. You can invite anyone attending the wedding if you include both members of the couple.

  • Be more imaginative.

Flowers, foil, and cursive lettering are common elements on bridal shower invites. Go ahead and use that design to represent the couple and the shower. Look for innovative alternatives if it doesn’t feel like the couple.

You can buy invitations with colors, graphics, and language that accurately reflect the honoured couple and will pique the visitors’ interest in attending the celebration.

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What to do at a Couples Wedding Shower?

A ladies’ luncheon or high tea are lovely wedding shower themes, but they’re not the only ones. Additionally, they can exclude guests who do not identify as female.

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A couple showers allow for a wide range of imaginative themes that appeal to everyone who attends.

  • Celebrate and tailgate

Bring everyone’s jerseys to a tailgate to show off their team spirit. To make it feel like a real pre-game party, serve game-day snacks (hot dogs, nachos, beer, the works).

  • Bayou, how sweet it is to be adored.

A crawfish boil is a unique and delicious way to commemorate the couple’s impending nuptials. Set up tables with newspapers and play some classic jazz to nail the theme.

  • Perfect Matches

Do your pals enjoy a good bottle of wine? At a wine-tasting couple shower, toast them. Serve appetizers that can be paired with the wines.

  • BBQ love

Bring all of your pals outside to grill. For a super-fun celebration, gather yard games, burgers (or veggie burgers), and drinks.

  • Love for tacos

Pay homage to the couple’s preferred date night. Make a taco bar and a margarita bar. Offer a Latin dance class to take it to the next level.

  • Awaiting Adventure

Plan a shower that the honor guests will enjoy if they have a serious case of wanderlust—show photos of the pair going across the world and serve cuisine at each significant location.

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Jack n Jill Couple Shower Etiquettes

  1. When do you have a Jack and Jill get-together?

One to three months before the wedding, throw a Jack and Jill celebration. If there will be out-of-town visitors, consider holding the reception further away from the ceremony to allow more travel time.

  1. Who will be invited?

The numbers should reflect that a Jack and Jill party is more intimate than a wedding or engagement party. A group of 30 or fewer people is great. The key guideline is that no one invited to the wedding should be invited. You can make a list of the couple’s closest friends and relatives. You can invite anyone from both sides. 

  1. Who should have a Jack and Jill get-together?

Brisman states, “Coed is not for everyone.” It is, however, an excellent choice for couples who have far-flung relatives and friends. Brides who want their male relatives like fathers, brothers, grandfathers, or male friends to attend can use this format.

What to wear to couples wedding shower?

Couples shower are casual affairs unless otherwise specified on the invitation. Dress comfortably, as you would for any gathering, and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

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What’s A Good Couples Wedding Shower Gift?

The most difficult aspect of planning a coed event is ensuring that gifts are appropriate for everyone. Giving the bride lingerie, for example, is a horrible idea if males are present. Stick to goods that are general or may be used in the home. You may also buy the couple a shared experience, such as a contribution to their honeymoon or a gift certificate to a beautiful restaurant.

Some couple wedding Shower gift ideas are:

  • An engagement Ring Dish

Wedding jewellery should be kept apart from everyday wear, which is why a unique ring dish makes a wonderful bridal shower gift. With a flash of metallic gold paint, this speckled clay souvenir has us completely smitten. The best thing is that it can be personalized with the couple’s initials, making it a unique wedding shower gift.

  • A Unique Cake Serving Set

With this lovely vintage-inspired serving set, you may help them cut their wedding cake in style. These silver-plated tools have intricate swirls carvings, but the greatest thing is that you can personalize them by including the couple’s name, wedding date, or a characteristic statement.

  • Bottle of Bubbly

A wedding shower is a great occasion that should be commemorated, especially with bubbly. To celebrate their soon-to-be-married status, give the newlyweds a bottle of wine, champagne, or prosecco. Vera Wang, a bridal industry veteran, has created a brilliant combination that we love.

  • A Cute Picture Frame

For a newlywed couple, a stylish silver photo frame is the ideal piece of home decor. Following the wedding, the couple can insert their favourite photo, whether a snapshot from their first glance or a fun group shot with the wedding party.

How to Throw a Couples Wedding Shower?

Why waste your Saturday afternoon snoozing over the ribbon bouquet when you might be hanging out with a crowd considerably more engaging than Mom’s country-club pals? Attend those mandatory occasions, but consider throwing a party for the males. Here’s how to arrange a Jack & Jill get-together.

Choose a format

Choosing a humorous or unique theme for your jack and jill party will not only make the day more pleasurable, but it will also encourage more people to attend. The theme could be anything you can think of, such as:

  • Brunch on the bocce court
  • Baseball and beer
  • Tea by the lake in the afternoon
  • Regardless of what your heart desires

As long as it’s feasible and something you’re confident your guests will enjoy. Keep in mind that your granny does not wish to go paintballing.

Having a targeted event will make it easier for guests to grasp what they’re getting themselves into.

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Invitations and guest list

The most important question that arises while planning a couple’s shower is who will be invited. What is our recommendation? Everyone and anyone! One of the most appealing aspects of a bride and groom bridal shower is the opportunity to be inclusive. Remember that members of older generations may be upset by a couple’s shower, so keep that in mind when making your guest list.

Choose Venue Wisely

The location sets the tone for any event you’re throwing. Couples showers offer a wide range of options, from lawn games to at-home afternoon treats. Do the men you’re inviting enjoy sports and hopping? For an outdoor cookout, provide artisan beer and set up some yard games! Do your visitors love listening to music and unwinding? Then reserve a table at the neighborhood wine and Panini bar!

Make a menu of food and beverages.

When planning what to serve, make sure it’s food and beverages that everyone will love. Serve cocktails, wine, and beer instead of tea. Try tacos or pizza instead of small cupcakes.

Make and manage space

It isn’t easy to acquire the appropriate decor for a jack and jill wedding shower celebration. Focus on the couple when brainstorming ideas. Collect cute images of them throughout time and display them as decor throughout the space. Alternatively, draw inspiration from things they enjoy doing together; if they enjoy traveling, hang images of famous sites about the room; if they enjoy tennis, make a centrepiece out of tennis balls.

Be the best hostess ever

Keep in mind that many people have never been to a bride and groom bridal shower. Everyone has a new experience, so go out of your way to make them feel at ease. Welcome them at the door (with a cocktail!) and express your delight in having them join you in this new tradition.

Make everyone feel at ease

  • Because the ruckus factor can skyrocket when boys are present, make sure the girls know that the guest list includes people of both genders. Include this information on the invitation or phone everyone to let them know this will not be a typical afternoon of girl talk and lingerie exchange.
  • Play a name game as guests arrive to ensure that everyone is introduced and comfortable. Have everyone introduce themselves to the honorable couple.
  • Make two teams. One for girls and other for guys when playing games to reduce physical contact between prospective strangers to a bare minimum.

Final Words

Traditional wedding showers are still popular, but coed bridal shower ideas are rising in popularity. Jack and Jill parties are bridal showers for both the bride and groom. They can also be engagement parties or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

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Because they’re nontraditional, coed bridal shower receptions can take on almost any shape; remember to include both the bride and groom in your planning. A couple’s shower can be held instead of or in addition to a standard bridal shower; no one can ever have enough gifts. Hence, follow all the steps and host a stunning jack n jill event for your loved couple.


Who hosts a Jack and Jill get-together?

A Jack and Jill party, like a bridal shower, is hosted by a close friend, family member, wedding party member, or a group of people.

What do you call a couple’s wedding shower?

It’s called a Jack and Jill party. It is a coed wedding shower in which the couple receives gifts to help them begin their new life together. It’s similar to a bridal shower, only the groom, his family, and friends are also there.

How much do you give at a Jack and Jill shower?

The majority of couples decide on a price range of $15-$25 per person. It will mount up rapidly, but it will not be a significant financial hardship for any single guest.

Who should be invited to a couple’s wedding shower?

You should invite the entire bridal party, as well as close friends and family, to a couple’s shower. (Even those who will most likely be unable to attend should be invited.) Children are usually not invited to showers, although they can be.

We hope you have enjoyed the content. Also, see the best makeup ideas for bridal shower and the best wedding makeup products 2022 to look amazing.

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