How to Host Lingerie Bridal Shower: All You Need to Know

lingerie bridal shower

From engagement parties to bridal showers, there are a plethora of ways to commemorate a couple’s impending union, but none are quite as much fun as a lingerie shower. It’s a small gathering of the bride’s closest pals, with provocative gifts and bplenty of giggling.

The party’s purpose is to provide the bride with new, flirtatious pieces that she’ll be proud to flaunt in the bedroom.

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Do you want to throw the bride-to-be a lingerie shower? There are numerous factors to consider, and much of it is determined by the bride’s personality.

Here are some suggestions for throwing sophisticated bridal shower lingerie that won’t embarrass the bride and keep things polite.

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What is a lingerie bridal shower?

A lingerie shower differs from a regular wedding shower in that it focuses on the lingerie. Instead of typical housewarming presents, guests shower the bride with lingerie and robes to commemorate the couple’s wedding night, honeymoon, and beyond.

Lingerie parties are usually more laid-back and appropriate for a bride who isn’t easily embarrassed. It is a terrific bridal shower theme for a woman who already has a lot of home decor and doesn’t “need” traditional bridal shower gifts.

Even though lingerie parties are undoubtedly the most enjoyable wedding-related pre-party a bride can have, they still take some planning to operate correctly and avoid awkward situations.

If you are on the edge of the function being started then don’t go with some traditional gifts. Go for these last minute bridal shower gift ideas.

It is a modest gathering in more ways than one. As a result, an impeccable demeanour is required.

How to organize a sophisticated lingerie shower?

Sending out an elegant and classy bridal shower invitation is the first step in setting the tone for the bridal shower. The whole appearance, feel, and language will convey to your visitors that this is classy bridal shower lingerie rather than bawdy lingerie and sex toy bash (more on that, later).

Choose lingerie party invites that feature gorgeous underwear and lingerie and clearly state that the event is for the bride-to-be.

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Etiquette for a Lingerie Bridal Shower

Let’s talk about etiquette for hosting bridal shower lingerie.

When is the best time to have a lingerie shower?

Hosting the shower during the bachelorette party makes perfect sense if you want to kill two birds with one stone. “Bachelorette parties are the greatest fit for lingerie showers since they’re already recognized as the bride’s final hoorah or wild get-together,” Rester explains.

If there is a separate event, it should be one of the last celebrations organized for the bride, because the presents she receives are intended to be used on her wedding day and afterwards.

Is it necessary to send invitations?

“It’s fantastic to send out invites because you can include specifics on what the bride loves and her sizes,” Rester explains. “You can also make suggestions for what to get her in terms of color palettes or other interests. So that the bride-to-be gets the most out of her presents.”

Who throws a lingerie shower?

The maid of honor usually organizes the lingerie bridal party. If not the maid of honour, another close friend of the bride should be chosen.

What location should it take place in?

Plan a lingerie shower simultaneously as a traditional bridal shower or bachelorette party. It could be a few days before the wedding to a month or two before the wedding. Lingerie parties are usually conducted in someone’s house to make the bride, and her guests feel as festive and relaxed as possible. Unwrapping fancy items in a quiet room is more enjoyable than doing so in a crowded restaurant.

Is it necessary for the bride to have a registry?

Not required, but guests should think about their preferences while purchasing gifts for the bride. Stick to classic lingerie and sleepwear sets if she’s conservative. If the bride is particular about her lingerie, she can register for it from her favourite store.

What to wear at Lingerie Bridal Shower?

A bridal lingerie party is an excellent opportunity to dress up the bride and make her the centre of attention. Consider a sash, veil, tiara, novelty tee, feather boa, or a combination of the above! Offer a few personal touches for each guest, in addition to the bride. As soon as they walk through the door, give them a rhinestone cocktail ring or tiara. It immediately creates a comfortable, celebratory atmosphere.

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Steps to throw a perfect Lingerie Bridal Shower

Follow these steps to host stunning bridal shower lingerie.

Make a date.

Decide whether the lingerie shower should be combined with the bachelorette party or held separately. Take into account the time of day, whether it’s a boisterous brunch or an elegant evening gathering with cocktails and finger appetizers.

Guest List /  Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitation

You’ve chosen the venue; now it’s time to decide on the guest list. Of course, you and the bride will have to work together on this. She’ll be the most outstanding judge of whether her future mother-in-law has the right attitude to make fun of the crotch-less panty her eccentric aunt Ruby bought for the occasion.

For ordering and manufacturing bridal shower lingerie invitations click here.

In any case, we recommend limiting the guest list to a few close girlfriends and family members. The intimates become more intimate as the gathering becomes more intimate.

Lingerie Shower Invitation wording 

You should carefully choose your phrasing to emphasize that this is a luxury lingerie shower. If you have room in the text, we recommend stating that racy goods should be saved for another time, such as a bachelorette party.

The following poems make excellent lingerie invitation wording:

  • Lingerie bridal shower poetry with something sexy

In the bridal shower lingerie poem, you should opt for something sensual, something delectable

Something to make (groom’s name) fall flat on his face.

  • Poem about sugar and spice in lingerie

Something nasty and something nice,

a little sugar and a little spice

Location for a Lingerie bridal shower Party

It may seem self-evident, but picking the right site for any event is crucial to setting the right tone. For example, you wouldn’t want to have your lingerie party in a religious meeting hall. Awkward.

A private room at your favourite restaurant is a terrific alternative – particularly one with thick doors that can be closed to conceal not only the gifts but also the whooping and cackling that will undoubtedly occur once the bride begins to unwrap them.

On the other hand, private rooms can often come at a high cost. With all of the other things that need to be planned, something a little more economical would be the better choice. Otherwise, you also have a choice to plan a couples wedding shower.

Food and Drink for a Lingerie bridal shower Party

The food and beverage options you provide are entirely based on the time of day you throw the party. If it’s organized on crucial mealtimes, anticipate a full menu of stomach-filling options.

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You can get away with appetizers or even a dessert bar if the event is scheduled during off-hours, such as 3:00 PM or after 7:00 PM. A charcuterie board is a modern-day, Instagram-worthy favourite that can be created and hand-crafted to fit any time of day.

When it comes to cocktails, a little bubbly goes a long way. Choose a few bottles of inexpensive champagne and serve it with amusing mimosa-style mixers. There are even some one-of-a-kind solutions available.

There are even innovative choices available these days, such as edible glitter that you can combine with your cocktail to make your party more eye-catching and unforgettable. A fun and easy idea to liven up the celebration is creating a unique cocktail based on the bride’s favorite drink.

Is there no alcohol? It’s no problem! There are numerous mocktail recipes available, or you may set up a hot chocolate bar with all the fixings. The options are limitless!

Decorations for Lingerie Party

The party’s decor will differ based on where it will be held. Simple floral centrepieces offer an easy and stylish touch to a dismal room if it’s in an offsite location.

If you’re staying at home, you have a lot of possibilities. Along with flowers, you can design a photo booth wall using:

  • distinctive greenery
  • shimmery fringe curtains
  •  Fairy lights, or even a balloon arch, or you can make one yourself using unique foliage, shimmery fringe curtains, fairy lights, or even a balloon arch.

All entertaining additions are oversized balloons with shiny tassel strings, feather boa streamers, or even a paper lingerie banner.

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Where to get lingerie Shower Decorations?

Party stores are an excellent place to get party supplies and decorations. Another place to look is Target’s costume jewellery area in a superstore. And you can also opt for online stores that will provide you with the decorations when arranging the bridal shower like;

Favors for a Lingerie Party

Party favours aren’t always necessary for a great event (the memories are a gift in themselves!). However, if you decide to give something, you have a plethora of possibilities to pick from.

“Thank you for filling the bride’s lingerie drawer!”

says a lavender sachet with a charming letter. “Here’s a little something to fill yours,” making for a practical and fragrant present.

Another popular idea is to hire a professional cookie decorator to create lingerie-themed cookies that can be packaged in individual baggies for attendees to take home afterwards.

How can I spice up my bridal shower? (Lingerie bridal shower games & activities)

Lingerie wedding showers are notorious for being over-the-top affairs that shy acquaintances of a bride-to-be may be reluctant to attend.

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Despite common belief, there is a wide range of activities that fit the lingerie party games theme and the comfort levels of any group, from the shy to those who prefer risqué humour. To spice up your bridal shower, try the following activities.

Blow the Balloon

This gentle game, sometimes known as Blow, Blow, will most certainly leave the bride-to-be blushing. Give each guest a balloon after poking a hole in the bride-to-balloon—Bride-to-be Instruct guests to fill their balloons with air. The first person to explore her balloon will receive a reward, while the last will spend the remainder of the shower dressed in a provocative nightgown. At the end of the game, which the bride-to-be will definitely lose, give the guest of honour a racy nightgown to retain for her honeymoon.

Two Truths and One Lie

Distribute index cards as well as pens and pencils. Encourage each person to write down two truths and one erroneous experience. Go around the circle, one by one, reading each card. After that, the group will try to figure out which claims are false. If you customize this traditional party game to your lingerie bridal shower games theme by sharing anecdotes about your love life, you’ll get bonus points!

Musical Lingerie

Musical Lingerie is a game that takes the classic party game Musical Chairs and turns it into something a little racy. Wrap a piece of underwear in multiple layers of wrapping paper and pass it around a circle of people while music plays. When the music stops, the person carrying the gift must unwrap each layer one by one. The person who is the last to unwrap must put on her Lingerie and model the rest of the group. It’s a particular method to make your guests laugh.

She Says

As the bride receives her gifts, secretly jot down everything, she says. Don’t let on that you’re doing it. We promise the responses will be much better if you don’t include her. After all the items have been opened, recite the list aloud as a mock preview of the bride’s wedding night remarks. It’s best if the phrases are as ludicrous as possible.

Serve Tapas

Serve a range of tiny plates for a more upscale fare. A charcuterie board is a stylish and convenient way to feed a crowd all night.

Who’s Panties is this?

The typical approach of unwrapping shower gifts and reading a tag or note that explains who each gift is from generates more minor chuckles than this game. Instruct each guest to purchase a pair of underwear in the bride’s size and place it in a paper bag. As guests come, collect their baggage. When you’ve gathered all of the guests’ panties, place them on a table in front of the bride-to-be. Tell her to give each pair to whoever she believes brought them. She can keep the pair of panties if her guess is accurate. Allow her to try again if she is incorrect, but first, have her model the panties over her clothes—or hold them up to avoid stretching.

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Pass the Teddy

Hot Potato is a famous party game, and this game is based on it. Wrap multiple layers of paper around a box housing a teddy bear. Place the shower attendees in a circle, turn on some music, and tell them that whoever is carrying the box must unwrap one layer of wrapping paper when the music stops. The person who unwraps the final layer is responsible for modeling the teddy for the other guests. Hold up a pair of slacks that you will wear with the teddy bear. Have a camera ready to catch the winner with a teddy bear in her arms when she returns to the room.

Dirty Chores

Distribute paper and pens to each shower guest, and ask them to think of dreaded household duty. Instruct guests to write down three reasons why they despise their commitment. Then exchange sheets and read aloud from the page, omitting the chore’s name.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Gifts

Some visitors, especially family members and those who aren’t close friends, maybe stumped about getting the bride.

If you’re throwing a lingerie party, attendees may ask you what to get the bride. Undecided people often welcome a basic matching bra and underwear set. You may also recommend a lovely satin nightie or robe.

As a result, the pieces aren’t as risky as something other visitors may buy, and the guest who is purchasing the gift and the bride who is receiving it will be at ease.

Because most Lingerie is non-refundable, we strongly advise including the bride’s bra, panty, and lingerie sizes on the invitation, or better still, include the information with one of our lingerie size inserts with your formal lingerie shower invitation.

How can you make sure your lingerie shower is classy?

Your lingerie party invitation will set the tone for the party, indicating that it is not intended to be a filthy lingerie/sex toy party. Choose from refined and sophisticated lingerie party invites with soft watercolour lingerie graphics or a fun and trendy lingerie shower invitation. We also have a virtual lingerie shower invitation for those celebrating online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can set the tone with your invitation language and poem. You can also respectfully remark that the bride would like it if toys and suggestive Lingerie were held for another time, such as the bachelorette party so that the bride’s Grandma doesn’t have to see her unwrapping a toy.

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FINAL WORDS – All set to Host a Wild lingerie shower

After all of your hard work, all that’s left is for you to relax and enjoy the party. Ensure that someone records who presents which gifts to prepare the bride for Thank You notes later. Play some music, start some games, and have a great time!


Can you gift Lingerie for bridal shower?

You may get a bride with many different lingerie bridal shower gifts. You may acquire a lovely piece of underwear, but if that makes you uncomfortable, think beyond the box! A set of pyjamas or a date night package is two excellent lingerie-like bridal shower present ideas to consider.

How do you ask for Lingerie at a bridal shower?

The following poems make excellent lingerie party invitation wording:

  • Lingerie shower poem with a twist. Something sensual, something delectable
  • Poem about sugar and spice in Lingerie.
  • Drop your panty or play who’s the panty guessing game.

Why do people have lingerie showers?

 Lingerie parties are a popular way for brides to get ready for their wedding night and honeymoon. They should, ideally, equip her with appealing and comfortable apparel for the personal moments she will have as a new bride. These are more than just beautiful underwear to entice her groom.

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