12 Bridal Shower Games That Every Guest Will Love & Enjoy

Bridal shower games

Are you looking for easy bridal shower game ideas? We’ve got a lot! These games offer a lot of fun for everyone, from your besties to your family members, from tried-and-true classic games to imaginative new interpretations that are sure to become fan favourites.

Although games aren’t required at a bridal shower, they are a tradition for a reason: they let your closest friends get to know one another, celebrate the couple, and ensure that everyone has a good time.

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What are Bridal shower games?

The purpose of the best bridal shower games is to welcome a bride into her soon-to-be-married life. What better way to commemorate such a joyous event than with a few entertaining bridal shower games and activities? 

The following inventive ideas will pique the interest of your guests. Another reason to include activities at your party is to keep your guests entertained.

They keep the party from becoming solely about the gifts. They also serve as a means to regulate the shower’s flow—a pre-planned schedule might help you avoid lulls and boredom.

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What games should be played at a bridal shower?

Bridal showers are a pleasant ritual that follows the ring but precedes the nuptials. If you’re throwing a bridal shower, here are some best bridal shower games ideas to make it a memorable occasion!

Here have a look at our top 12 bridal shower games that you can play!

1-Musical Matching Bridal Shower Game

Play a music matching game in which you must match wedding songs from the couple’s extended family. Display wedding photos from the couple’s parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins, and siblings during the shower.

After that, have guests try to match each couple’s photo to their first-dance song. Play a slideshow with the correct songs (reduced for time) and provide a musically themed present to the guest with the most matches.

Get the idea of the game from the video below

2-Bride and Groom Photo Challenge

This bridal shower game is an enjoyable one. Guests will also enjoy this fun bridal shower game by including the bride and groom’s favorite images.

Print out pictures of the bride and groom at different ages, as well as a guessing sheet for each guest. Also, paste the game tile, each photo, and a number on a bulletin board or poster board.

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And then give each guest a guessing sheet and a pen or pencil, and have them guess the bride’s or groom’s age in the photo. The one who makes the most right guesses is the winner.

The card will look like this;

bride or groom bridal shower games

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3-Bridal Shower Bingo

The fun is incomplete without winning the bridal shower games with prizes

Preparation: Make bingo cards, but replace the word “bingo” in the top margin with “bride.” Provide pencils or wedding-themed “chips” for crossing out squares.

How to play this bridal Bingo game?

Fill in the squares with gifts that visitors believe the bride will receive. Then, when she starts unwrapping her bridal shower gifts, start the game by having her call out what each item is.

Follow the classic bingo rules: A prize is awarded to the first guest to cross horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The prize can be anything from simple chocolate to anything like teddy bears.

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4-The Beautiful Bride Game

As the party gets started, play this fun bridal shower game. “Hello, my name is the Bride, and I am Beautiful,” the bride begins. “Hello, my name is Sarah, and I’m Sweet,” or “I’m Laura, and I’m Loud,” says the next guest. Following that, each guest must recall the guests who came before her, culminating with the Beautiful Bride.

bridal shower games
credit: thespruce.com

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5-Wedding Jeopardy Bridal Shower Game

Make a chart by writing the bride-to-be’s name across the top margin and numerous categories on the left side (flowers, cities, restaurants, movies, colors). Make a list of challenging bridal shower games questions for each category.

“For example, what flower must be flown in from Holland during the off-season?” (The solution is the peony.)

wedding jeopardy bridal shower game

Finally, pencils and note cards should be provided to each attendee. You have the option of awarding a prize to the winner.

Give everyone a chance to choose a category. Read out the question when a category is called. After that, each guest has two minutes to think of an answer and write it down on their notecard.

When the timer goes off, everyone must put down their pencils and present their replies. Give one point for each accurate response, and the person who has the correct answers at the end is the winner.

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Bridal shower games are typically a big hit because they encourage everyone to participate and laugh. There are also a plethora of best bridal shower games for large groups. If this is your first time throwing a bridal shower, you might be confused about playing games. 

Fortunately, the list below will provide you with plenty of fun bridal shower games ideas for large groups. There are numerous enjoyable bridal shower games to select from.

6-Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design Game

Our top pick for bridal shower games is the ideal mix of silliness and inventiveness. The object of this game is to split your group into groups of two to four persons. Give your guests toilet papers and ask them to choose a model from within their ranks.

The rest of the group will then have to make a bridal gown out of toilet paper for their model to wear. The team with the most outstanding costume design wins the game. Allow everyone in the group to vote on their favourite. If the situation is too tense, the maid of honour or bride can act as the judge.

Are you wondering how many rolls of toilet paper you’ll need for the bridal shower game? For a 20-minute playing this game, 4-6 rolls are sufficient.

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7-Game of “Don’t Say the Word.”

When you go to a bridal shower, the bride, groom, and wedding are usually the topics of conversation. What if no one was allowed to mention the words “bride,” “groom,” or “wedding”?. Tell everyone when they arrive that they will be playing a game for the duration of the wedding shower.

Tell them that if they repeat the specific words at any point during the game, they will lose. The winner or winners will each get a little reward. Set a time restriction on this wedding shower game if you think it will be too bothersome for a large gathering.

8-Name the cake Bridal Shower Games

Distribute a sheet of paper with clues that guests can use to guess the type of cake based on their piece of paper information. For example, if the inquiry is what kind of cake a rabbit would eat, the appropriate response is carrot cake. Whoever gets the most right responses will almost surely win a modest gift. As a result of the name, a cake award would be ideal.

All these are funny bridal shower games for large groups which you should not forget to play.

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BRIDAL SHOWER GAMES FOR COUPLES (Simple, Inexpensive, and Fun)

So starting from fun and easy bridal shower games we have the following awesome bridal shower games:

9-Disney Couples Bridal Shower Games

Are the honoured guests Disney aficionados? This is an enjoyable and straightforward couples’ wedding shower game for guests of all ages. Match the Disney character to their love interest. Guests will enjoy playing this game during lunch at the shower.

Disney couples bridal shower game
Get this Card from here

10-Over or Under Game

A one of the great bridal shower games for large groups will put visitors’ knowledge of the soon-to-be-married couple to the test. Guests must estimate whether the truth is correct or whether the reported amount is too low or high in this game. This is a fun solo game that attendees can do throughout the event and turn in to one of the hosts; the person with the most right answers gets a reward!

11-Pen a Poem Bridal Shower Games

In this bridal shower game, you need to ask someone from your love poetry dedicated to the couple on a blank sheet of paper. Please fold the paper in half to hide the guest’s sentence, and then pass it to another guest with the exact instructions.

Make your way among all guests, and then recite the (disjointed) poem that the brides’ guests have devoted to their great love in your best dramatic stage voice by making it one of the best bridal shower games for large groups.

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12-The Couple’s Roast Games

You need to write descriptions of scenarios from the couple’s history or future on each strip of paper.

“For example, “John and Jane become lost at IKEA.” You’ll also require two sets of note cards with the numbers 1 to 10 written on them (these will be your scorecards).

In simple words giving some situation for the guests to act on it. Trust me it would be too much fun.

Guests divide into two teams and choose two members from each team to be the actors from the strips of paper. In front of the pair, each group has five minutes to act out the situation. After the five minutes are up, the couple uses their scorecards to assess the act’s acting abilities and accuracy.

 Hint: Try to imitate as many of the couple’s peculiarities and behaviours as possible.

Final Words

So here’s a complete guide and all the games that you can choose to make your time perfect. Your main aim should be just to make your time well spent and make awesome memories with the bride-to-be. 

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What kind of prizes for bridal shower games?

Bridal shower prizes for game winners can be anything. You can give anything sweet as a prize. It could be a

  • Coffee mug
  • Skincare kit
  • Basket of chocolates
  • Mini bags

It all depends on your budget. You can choose from expensive to everyday priced things as gifts. 

What do you do at bridal showers instead of games?

If you don’t want to indulge in games, there are still so many activities that can perfect your time. You can have planned a: 

  • Movie night
  • Shoot day
  • Musical event

You can also simply sit on the couch and talk about the old days. Giving best wishes to the bride should be on top priority.  

How many bridal shower games should be played

One game for every hour spent is our main rule of thumb. The specific number of games played at a bridal shower is three because most batteries are three hours long.

We hope we have given you valuable information about bridal shower games. We also have much more for you. Check out the ways of arranging a couple wedding shower with your future husband

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