8 Most Unique Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas For You In 2023

virtual bridal shower ideas

When talking about virtual bridal shower ideas we know that in the aftermath of the current global epidemic, everything is becoming more virtual than ever before to connect.

Events and weddings are being cancelled and postponed all around the world. As a result, we wanted to take some time to address some of the issues that are now affecting our lives. Everything from meetings, studies, and other stuff has shifted to the digital market. So, why not take our important functions and celebrations online?

Yes, you heard it right. It’s about virtual weddings.

Note: Even in an online bridal shower you should send bridal shower gifts or cheap bridal shower gifts (if you are on a tight budget) as a bridesmaid, mother, sister, or father to the bride from the parcel.

Micro-weddings and Zoom weddings have emerged as new ways to tie the knot in 2020 and 2021, and other aspects of wedding celebrations have been altered to comply with COVID safety rules.

So, if large, in-person celebrations aren’t an option right now, you can still enjoy every traditional aspect of a wedding, including the bridal shower.

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The concept of a virtual wedding shower is not new, even though many people are unfamiliar with it. People have gone digital for bridal shower and wedding showers for years to interact more quickly, especially when friends and relatives are far away.

Virtual bridal showers have emerged as a safe yet totally fun alternative to in-person wedding showers for couples to celebrate their upcoming marriages with the people who matter most to them.

They don’t have to feel like any other Zoom happy hour simply because they’re virtual.

Still not sure? Well, let us give you an idea about virtual bridal showers.

Virtual bridal shower – A digitally organised event

A virtual bridal shower is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding shower held entirely online using a live streaming service like Zoom or Google Meet. Even if you’re throwing a tiny, socially distant shower, a virtual component can help people who can’t or don’t want to attend in person:

They can participate in the shower from the comfort of their own home while still being a part of the festivities.

Bridal showers have traditionally been celebrations for brides-to-be and female friends and family members, but there are no particular guidelines to follow nowadays.

If the couple wishes, they can hold a wedding shower in which they are both honoured guests and invite whomever they like.

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So, how does it function? There are several options for how you could host such an event. The basic concept is that an in-person shower will be held, but visitors from far away will be able to ‘tune in’ via video conferencing.

A few guests may attend in person with the bride for an entirely virtual wedding shower, but the bulk of the guests will be watching from afar.

Let’s get into some virtual bridal shower ideas for invites, games, and prizes now that you have a general concept of how throwing a virtual bridal shower works.

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Stunning Ideas to host A virtual Bridal shower

This gathering aims to “shower” love on the bride or couple ahead of the wedding. And there are various ways to do it without physically being together. The finest virtual wedding shower ideas, in our opinion, are those that include:

Here are a few ideas that will make for a memorable celebration.

  1. Send email kind invites.

Also, virtual bridal shower invitations should be digital when we’re doing it fully digitally. Keep it official like meetings and send online invites for your wedding shower or bachelorette party using a Paperless Post design so that everyone knows what to expect.

We enjoy the notion of incorporating some tactile aspects into the preparation! You’ll want to include the following text in either case:

  • The Time and Date (make sure to include the time zone)
  • To participate in the conference, click here.
  • A brief description of the virtual shower and how it functions
  • Optional: a way to RSVP Details about the gift/registry (more on this below)

The main thing to consider when hosting this type of event is that it doesn’t feel like a ‘gift grab,’ which would turn off your guests.

  1. Don’t skip the Decorations. 

Whether physical or online, decorations play a crucial role in any function. You may not be able to celebrate in the same room, but that doesn’t mean you should cut corners on decorations or, worse still, forgot them entirely.

At this pivotal period in their lives, making the happy couple feel unique is critical. A festive type of bridal shower zoom backgrounds can be used as a decoration.

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You may also decorate the room where the bride is supposed to sit and attend this virtual function. Also, all the guests can implement this unique background virtual bridal shower ideas to feel all the vibes accurately and perfectly. Some examples of bridal shower backgrounds are

  1. Choose a Dress code

Let it happen naturally. Even if you’re not meeting, there’s nothing bad in wearing a unique dress code. Come on; you’re also a part of the celebration.

If you want a themed bridal shower, make sure your guests are dressed appropriately. Dressing up for an occasion like today will be unique because we’ve been spending so much time at home and in our jammies.

So, if you want to learn more about how to decide what to wear on a bridal shower, we have a complete guide for you.

  1. Starting The Shower

It is the hostess’ responsibility to assist guests through this virtual event. Consider playing light background music as visitors log in and regularly welcome them to the event. You can also gather some sweet RSVPs so you know who to expect and how long to expect them.

When your guests come, please make a point of greeting them and thanking them for tuning in to celebrate the honored guest. This is a terrific moment to send a virtual ‘congratulations’ to the bride-to-be. After that, have everyone introduce themselves briefly (name and how they know the bride).

You can also make some cute prompts with the guest’s name and a sweet message from the bride. The purpose is to make the guests excited and delighted.

  1. Virtual bridal shower games

After gossiping and welcoming guests:

  • Add some spice and thrill to your virtual bridal shower event.
  • Play some charming games.
  • Opt for the games that can easily be played online and in which everyone can participate. This will save others from boredom, and everyone will enjoy the vibes of this astonishing virtual bridal shower equally.

You can choose many fun online virtual bridal shower games that will surely add value to your event.

It may take a little imagination and forethought, but you can play games in the virtual shower just like you would in real life! To get you started, here are a couple of zoom bridal shower games that work well:

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  • Newlywed Trivia: Make a game out of collecting hilarious, intriguing, and odd facts about the pair ahead of time. This game can be played in a variety of ways.

    Ask the group the question and have everyone write down their responses for a simple path, then ask the bride for the truth. Alternatively, get inventive and divide the party into teams for a round of Jeopardy. 

Tip: If guests know the answer, have them hold up a colored sheet of paper in front of the webcam!

  • What do you have on your phone?: This one fits very nicely with the digital concept. Give guests a selection of products to choose from, along with the point value for each. The player will then find the product from the gallery. The player with the most points is the winner!
  • The Nearly-Wed Game: Before the wedding, ask the bride’s spouse a series of questions and have the bride guess how her partner will respond. “Who said I love you first” or “what is their worst behaviour” are two examples.

    On One Fab Day, you’ll find a list of 50 question ideas to utilise in our virtual bridal shower game.
  1. The menu is a must

Even if it’s a virtual function, a menu is a must.

Send out festive cocktail and mocktail recipes before the shower for all guests to shake up and consume during the virtual party. If you can’t send them to their places, ask them to arrange one for themselves. So, everyone can enjoy brunch and cocktails at the same time.

 You can also make a Cranberry-Lime Mocktail or a Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail to go with it. Alternatively, a glass of bubbly champagne or sparkling cider will suffice. Before the virtual celebration comes close, everyone must raise their glass to toast the happy couple.

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  1. Open gifts with cheers

Every shower should have a designated time for attendees to “ooh” and “aah” when gifts are unwrapped, and yes, you may do this via video conference. It only takes a little more forethought because you’ll want to ship or drop off gifts ahead of time so that you may open them during the video conversation.

Keep in mind that some things may have delayed shipping schedules, so keep that in mind as you think about the best shower gifts. Also, make sure to open all the gifts when all guests have joined the session.

  1. Create a Virtual Photo Album to Share

Make an interesting slideshow using photographs and videos from over the years. Don’t forget to ask shower attendees to send in images so the slideshow may be as good as possible.

Make sure to grab a few images of the pair when they were younger. Share your screen with your guests during the video call and play the slideshow so that everyone can see it simultaneously.

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Make a video of the shower for the sake of reminiscences.

One of the best aspects of virtual celebrations is that they are simple to film and watch afterwards. A recording might be a great memory for the happy couple to look back on in the future, perhaps as part of a Zoom get-together with their besties.

It’s as simple as clicking the “record” symbol at the bottom of the Zoom window. Also, you can provide this recording to your family and friends so they can also have this memory.

Best Platform for virtual bridal shower

Bridal shower over zoom is a perfect and go-to choice for virtual weddings and showers, but other options like Google Hangouts or Skype are viable options.

Remember that certain services (like Zoom) are only free for a limited period, so be sure you know if you’ll need a subscription before the big day. It’s also a good idea to have a practice run with the technology first, especially if you’ve never used it previously.

Wedding showers are often conducted during the day, around lunchtime, or shortly after, although you and your guests can schedule the event whenever it is convenient for you.

Some people prefer to hold their event in the evening, especially if there will be a Champagne toast. Showers for bridesmaids

We hope you have liked our piece of article. See other informational articles for hosting tea party bridal showers and jack and jill bridal showers.

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