What is the proper etiquette for bridal shower invitations

bridal shower invitations

Invitations are the heart of every celebration, either birthdays or weddings. Here we’re going to discuss some bridal shower invitation etiquettes which are a must to add to your invitation.

Since bridal showers are now getting popular so they need a proper invitation.

Invitation Etiquettes

Besides that, the invitation is the root of any function, the words, theme and aura of the invitation are everything. One must add some catchy things to the invitation, that’ll be a chef’s kiss.

If you’re looking forward to designing a classic and beautiful invitation for your bridal shower, then you might get some ideas here.

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Through Mails

Some prefer sending emails to their near and dear ones. It’s a personal choice how beautifully you wrap and send to anyone. The invitation must be mailed 6 to 8 weeks before the event.

Who Can Be Invited?

Everyone from the family and friends can be invited to the event. Bridesmaids also practice for the reception on this occasion. Some people only invite the females from both sides of the family while other invites the boys too for the sake of playing some games and teaming up.

There is an important point to keep in mind never ever invite someone whom you’re not going to invite to the wedding. Make sure to take an overview of the list of guests once before mailing, that’ll create so much ease.

Who Can Send Invitations?

Remember only the hosts or the bride herself can send the invitations. Nowadays, there’s a trend that bridesmaids should send an invitation.

So, now dear friends of the bride who are going to be the bridesmaids can also send the invitation to the guests. Bridesmaids, not only enjoy the event but also assist the bride in different tasks.

For instance, planning an event and managing the bride’s touch-ups.

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Picking Up The Theme

The theme should be selected by the bride herself because it’s her day and she can add a specific theme to make her day more happening. The themes could be floral, tropical, any movie character, tea party, etc.

Never forget to mention the theme on the invitation as it’ll prevent guests to ask some spooky questions about the themes priorly.

Dress Code

This is a basic thing to disclose in the invitation so guests can get ready their dresses if in case any special attire is to be worn on the occasion. You can either tell the colour scheme or the dress pattern.

Surprise Or Not

In some cases, bridesmaids plan this event very secretly and don’t tell the bride. They want to give her a surprise just to show how much we love you. So, if you’re also planning to surprise your bride-to-be, then you can mention, that keep this thing a secret and let everybody surprise our pretty bride.

Guests would respect privacy and this idea will come out as a cherry on the top.

Chief Guest

If you’re inviting any chief guest or a guest of honour, you should start your invite with ‘’Please join us for the bridal shower ceremony” with the highlighted guest of honour’s name. You may also add anxiously waiting for you (for the special guest).

Sense Of The Invitation

The first and foremost thing is to plan whether you desire to keep the invitation funny or serious. If you want it to be funny and humorous, then you must add wordings like “Hurry up! Before the Miss becomes Mrs” and “Let’s get the party started!”. The name of the bride (or a couple) can be added if necessary.

If you’re deciding to make it serious and decent, then you can add “Please join us at this auspicious moment”.

Knowing the type of your invitation’s mood is very much important. One must not add serious headings with a funny mood.

Time And Date

This is the most important element in the invitations. While finalizing the date keep in mind that the bridal shower must be held 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.

After the brief intro, you can tell people when your event has to take place and keep it very clear so that guests must not get confused with that and be on time.

The bridal shower event can start in the morning breakfast till the mid of afternoon brunch. If we write 12 pm to 4 pm, and that’s far more obvious and clear.


Always mention the location and addresses very carefully because if there’s any mistake will occur then it’s all in vain. So underneath the date and time, you can add the proper address which includes City, state, street, Zip codes and any famous place nearby.

If you’ll add some parking details for those who are not familiar with that area and are visiting for the very first time, that’ll be amazing.

Put RSVP Info

At the bottom of the invitation must add detailed RSVP information so that your guests should know how to contact you. RSVP must contain the name of the host, phone number, email address and RSVP deadline.

This casually can be like, “Please RSVP to (you can insert names of the host and family and contact information) by April 28, 2022”

Registry Information

In the past, it was a culture and tradition to register at any departmental store. Nordstrom, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Macy’s are on the top of the list.

Besides the registry, some loved one also buys some congratulatory gifts for the bride-to-be and the groom as well.

So, it’s not very necessary but if someone is liking it and not a big deal for them so here they go!

Bridal Shower Invitations with Envelops

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Bridal showers are the occasions on which the bride herself, her friends and other females of the family can enjoy and bestow the bride with blessings and showered with love. It’s basically anticipation of love and blessings for the bride from the dear ones.

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