How To Host Bohemian Bridal Shower in 2023

bohemian bridal shower

The hippie, flower child trend has been taken in a new direction for the modern bride. Trendy boho chic is reflected in nature-inspired themes and relaxed, casual settings.

Wedding planning can be stressful for brides and those around them, so it’s important to have a fun, relaxing, and, of course, chic shower. A bohemian bridal shower is just what the doctor ordered.

It’s a refreshingly stylish way to celebrate the bride-to-be and give her some much-needed TLC before walking down the aisle.

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What is a bohemian bridal shower?

A bohemian bridal shower is a real summer holiday. A bridal shower is an intimate and special celebration before the wedding. It’s when the bride’s closest girlfriends gather to celebrate her last few days as a single woman.

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It’s also a great opportunity for friends and family to bond with someone they might not have met yet.

Planning the perfect bridal shower can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you get started. Bohemian style is romantic and feminine with lots of natural textures and greenery.

so we’ve gathered everything you’ll need to host your own gorgeous boho chic bridal shower! You will need some basics things to go and a complete best wedding makeup products to emphasize your best features.

How to host a Bohemian bridal shower?

Bohemian style is an interior design trend that is still going strong. It’s a relaxed, cozy way of decorating with many colors and quirky accessories. If you’re planning a bridal shower, you can use this style to create a unique and beautiful setting for the occasion.

Bohemian-style showers are great for casual backyard gatherings and small parties.

What’s the most important thing to do when planning a bridal shower? Make sure you don’t forget the bride! It’s all too easy to get caught up in the details of throwing a party and forget to make the guest of honor feel special.

The best way to do that is to plan a celebration that reflects her personality and interests.

So, if you’re looking for a fun theme to throw an amazing bridal shower, look no further than Boho chic.

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Here are some tips for achieving the look of boho chic bridal shower on a budget:

Boho Bridal Shower Guest List

Before planning your party, decide who will be invited from both the bride and groom’s side. This will help determine the number of guests and, therefore, the size of the venue you will need.

Remember that a bohemian wedding shower is traditionally more casual than a formal one, so don’t be afraid to invite some men along!

Bohemian style bridal shower invitations

When planning any event, you should start by choosing an invitation that sets the tone. You can find inexpensive wedding invitations on Etsy in digital and printable formats.

Select an invitation that fits your theme, making sure it looks customized rather than generic. You can get your invitations from here

This will help you get guests excited about the event and make them feel like they’re in on something special.

What are the Best Bohemian bridal shower themes?

bohemian bridal shower
Credit: Claudia Isacc Photography

Throw the bride-to-be a party she’ll never forget by going boho theme bridal shower.

Boho chic is a themed look that’s becoming more popular. It’s a perfect style for your wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower. Choose a theme and make it more elegant with amazing boho bridal shower decor ideas. 

The style has an earthy, free spirit feel to it. It’s kind of like hippie chic, if you will. You’ll want to incorporate some elements into your party, from decor and invitations to food and drinks. But don’t go overboard and make sure the focus is on the bride-to-be.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular bohemian bridal shower themes around, along with tips on pulling off each one. These boho-chic bridal shower themes will surely help you in arranging a perfect event. 

  • Hippie Chick

A hippie chick theme is one of the most common bohemian bridal shower themes. It’s all about peace, love, and happiness. Throw in a few tie-dyes, headbands, and flowers, ready to go. Make sure that you have plenty of organic snacks on hand, and don’t forget the retro music!

  • Boho Safari

Meanwhile, If your bride-to-be isn’t exactly a flower child, then the boho safari theme is perfect for her. You can fill the room with animals, especially indigenous to Africa, like zebras, giraffes, and lions. Serve up an authentic African feast for food, and don’t forget the drinks!

Also, check out other 33 bridal shower theme ideas or check out this new brunch and bubbly bridal shower theme to host.

Best Boho Bridal Shower Decors

Boho bridal shower decor are all about layers, so you don’t have to be afraid to mix different patterns or colors. Choose the main color palette and then use it throughout the space as much as possible.

You can research many boho chic bridal shower decor ideas to arrange a stunning party. No matter what, but must pay full attention at bohemian bridal shower decorations. 

For example, if you’re throwing a summer party, try using green and blue as your main colors with accents of pink and yellow to add contrast. When decorating, choose natural materials like wood or bamboo for serving dishes and centerpieces.

Don’t Forget to Capture the Moments

You want people to feel comfortable in a boho setting, so it’s important to give them a chance to enjoy themselves before they’re seated at their table.

Afterwards, the best way to do this is by asking each guest to bring an item of her own that she wants to use as props when taking photos. A bride could take pictures with her engagement ring or her favorite pair of sandals.

If you want some unforgettable moments then you can check out how to throw a lingerie party.

What to serve at a boho bridal shower?

The simplest way to make bohemian bridal shower food is by adding greenery, flowers, fruits, or vegetables in the boho theme bridal shower. This is also a great way to save money because it makes the food look more appetizing without much effort or cost. Also, arranging a boho bridal shower cake for the bride to be is a perfect idea. 

Note: Also see these bridal shower food ideas to have them in your pre-wedding functions.

The main course of bohemian bridal shower food doesn’t have to be complicated either; you can make simple skewers with chicken, beef, vegetables, tofu etc!

If you want something different from traditional wedding cakes, try making cupcakes in different flavors and decorating them with flowers.

Bohemian bridal shower favors

Who doesn’t like succulents? They are easy to care for and will bring life to any home. You can get wooden pots from the craft store and add chalkboard paint for guests’ names.

Add some dried lavender, and voila, you have a beautiful favor. Or you could make your candles using mason jars and soy wax. These would be great favors for any boho bride who loves nature.

Also, you don’t have to break your budget by giving favors at a bridal shower. Forgo them all together in favor of a “donation” basket where guests can leave cards or letters to the bride-to-be.

After all, these will be much more meaningful than any trinket or candy. If you want to give something small and inexpensive, consider these ideas:

  • Baked goods (cookies or brownies)
  • Small succulents in mini pots (or other potted plants)
  • Flower crowns (these can also double as photo booth props!)

Have Some Refreshments

You’ll need something to whet everyone’s whistle before the main meal arrives! Keep the drinks straightforward but with a touch of festivity: pink lemonade in mason jars with mint or lavender sprigs, or wine served at room temperature in a pitcher (bubbly is always a great choice!).

Boho Chic Bridal Shower Activities

Have fun activities at the bridal shower that revolve around the bohemian theme. Have some old-fashioned lawn games like horseshoes, bean bag toss, or croquet if hosted outdoors.

Also see these bridal shower games for large groups and even small one to play in all kind of bridal shower functions.

Play some background music with guitar or flute solos – no heavy rock or rap music allowed! A great activity would be to have guests decorate their tie-dye t-shirts as party favors. You can even have all of the attendees wear their tie-dye shirts to a brunch the next day!

What to wear to a Bohemian bridal shower?

bohemian bridal shower
Image Credit: Doe + Deer Photography

A boho-inspired bridal shower outdoors — preferably in a garden, orchard, or vineyard. The setting will be filled with potted plants and lots of greenery, and the decor will include natural elements like wood, rock, and stone.

Guests can wear whatever they want to match the casual vibe of the party, but if you’re looking for outfit ideas, here are some suggestions:

Bohemian bridal shower dressses are perfect for this occasion. The bride-to-be can wear a floral maxi dress or a chiffon number with lace details. As for accessories, she can pair her look with a flower crown or a wreath of fresh flowers.

See the bridal shower dress code which you can wear at the function.

Guests can go for bohemian bridal shower dresses as well. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even turn your favorite maxi dress into a skirt by knotting the top part into a chic corset.

It gives your outfit an interesting twist, but it also shows off your midriff!

 The bride-to-be’s mom should be wearing something that matches her age and personality, whether a midi dress or pantsuit. The bride’s maid can choose any elegant dress from various ideas of the best boho bridesmaid dresses.


What is a boho-chic bride?

A bride who is bohemian is someone who loves the non-traditional things in life. She loves unique items and feels that if she’s going to do something, she’s going to do it her way. She most likely has tattoos, piercings and you’ll often find her in flowy dresses or jeans with converse sneakers.

So, for the prettiest bride, arrange a cool boho chic bridal shower. 


Bring the boho-chic style to your best friend’s bridal shower with these ideas for food, drinks, and decor.

The wedding of your dreams should reflect you and your partner, so if you’re a free-spirited couple who wants to throw a fun, unconventional party, consider planning a bohemian bridal shower.

The next time you plan a bridal shower, take some inspiration from the bohemian trend and host an afternoon of tea or brunch.

While traditionally, part of the bridal shower is giving gifts to the bride-to-be, it’s all about the food and drinks you bring in a bohemian setting. So stick to finger foods, cocktails, and desserts.

A bohemian bridal shower is a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be, and it can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. The planning can feel a bit harder if you’re the host.

You want to make sure that everything is perfect, and you might be worried about not having enough time to prepare.

Fortunately, there are many ways to host a successful bohemian bridal shower without going over budget or pulling your hair out. Whether you’re looking for bohemian bridal shower invitations or decorations, keep reading for our top tips on preparing your next shower. Also check hairstyle for bridal shower and bridal shower makeup looks to look pretty everytime.

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