Best 9+ Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Ideas (Updated) In 2023

kitchen themed bridal shower

A Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower is the perfect way to celebrate a bride to be! From the assortment of kitchen themed products that are offered from this site, you can give the bride to be a gift that she will use again and again.

All of these items can be used for cooking or baking, but can also be used for organization around the house as well.

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Whether it’s an intimate gathering with close friends, or a full-blown wedding shower full of playful celebration. The Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Invitation is just what you need to kick off the morning in style.

Kitchen themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Your kitchen will be the star of your kitchen themed wedding shower with these fun, easy and inexpensive DIY decorations. Furthermore who doesn’t love to cook or bake? Cooking themed bridal shower activities include making a recipe together, playing kitchen bingo or organizing a potluck.

The gorgeous handmade maple cutting boards are the perfect kitchen accessory for cooks, chefs and aspiring chefs. The bathroom towels feature a variety of bright colors to match any decor.

Plus the matching hand towels are great for drying dishes and crafting projects for your baking theme bridal shower.

1-Deciding Venue

First of all completely transform your home into a magical bridal shower venue. The baking theme bridal shower kit will help you to create the perfect wedding-themed party in your kitchen or dining room!

Turn on the romantic ambiance by adding elegant tableware and decorations.

Including personalized accessories that let guests write down their best wishes on hearts and a chalkboard sign with a cute saying or pun that suits your style. And don’t forget to add guest of honor’s name to the colorful tissue foil balloon bouquet centerpiece.

2-Cutting Board Bridal Shower Invitation

Let everyone know the bride-to-be is in the kitchen with this fun bridal shower invitation. Featuring a cutting board and knives, this invitation conjures up images of delicious food and cooking fun, while still being sophisticated enough for a bridal shower or wedding!

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3-Foodie Decor

A baking theme bridal shower is the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be and her love of cooking. Besides this event will be filled with tasty treats, fun times, and of course a whole lot of love. Make your guests feel like they are at a restaurant with this fun and foodie bridal shower theme.

The color scheme of red, white and black will look great in any kitchen or dining room & the balloons can match any color scheme you choose for cooking themed bridal shower. If you serve food at your shower, this may be a perfect decor theme for you!

4-Make it a cooking event

Make it your cooking event and add playfulness to your bridal shower with some kitchen themed party favors. Whether you are serving a hearty soup or preparing a gorgeous cake, there are tons of goodies such as branded spatulas and measuring cups that can be used to host this fun celebration.

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Have a kitchen themed event, with all of your guest making something. A chocolate fountain would be a great centerpiece and can be served with strawberries, bananas or cookies dipped into the chocolate. A cookie station would also be fun!

5-Customized Letter Cookies

These cooking themed bridal shower cookies are a great way to bring the theme of your shower to life! Each cookie should handcrafted and personalized with a name and date, including any special requests you may have for kitchen themed wedding shower.

The variety of flavors gives you lots of options for every taste, from chocolate lovers to fruity friends. Just choose the flavor that match your shower’s theme or personality.

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6-Brunch for Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

The bride-to-be and her guests will love a Brunch for baking theme bridal shower with the chance to munch on some delicious brunch treats! This DIY menu includes:

  • Fresh Fruit & Veggie Platter
  • Chocolate Mousse French Toast
  • Vanilla Shake

Use your favorite breakfast foods and a variety of colorful plates and cups to place everything on.

7-Kitchen Shower Activities and Games

The Kitchen themed bridal shower offers a collection of games and recipes that are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

  • How old the Bride & Groom Game

The first round of the bridal shower game is to see who can guess how old the bride and groom are.

Player number one, who volunteers some information about the bride or groom, will have to guess how many years older than them both she/he thinks they are.

Player 2 must then decide whether it is more or less than what has been stated by player 1. The winner will be the player who comes closest to guessing the correct age difference.

Note: If you are a coffee lover and your friends too ! than go with hosting a coffee themed bridal shower as a theme for your bridal shower function.

  • Iron chef competition

This game was provided with the invitation. Each attendee was instructed to bring a meal that fit particular criteria. We decided it had to have bread and couldn’t contain any dairy (the bride is lactose intolerant) for kitchen themed wedding shower.

You might choose any combination of items based on the bride’s favourite ingredient and making sure that no one in the party is allergic to anything! The bride chose her favourite and awarded a reward to the winner. This also assisted us with the event’s meals!

9-Kitchen Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Celebrate the happy couple with a kitchen themed wedding shower gifts! Impress the bride to be with everything from mini cookbooks to personalized aprons.

The most popular wedding gifts are kitchen appliances for baking theme bridal shower. The bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to give your bride-to-be friend a gift that she will love, use daily, and thank you for every time she bakes, cooks or serves a meal for her family and friends.

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From hand blenders and juicers to silicone spatulas and baking utensils, there are endless possibilities. Make great memories by planning a fun activity for your guests, and make sure every guest leaves with at least one useful gift.

Summing UP

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next party, the kitchen themed bride’s shower is sure to get you started. This shower is fun and playful while still being elegant, personalized and DIY. The best part? It can be easily transformed into your own unique creation!

With the Kitchen Theme Bridal Shower Invitation, you can get your friends and family together under one roof for a great party. The letterpress printed card features a clean layout, designed to make sending invitations as easy as possible

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