Ultimate Guide on How to arrange Bridal Shower Tea Party

Tea party bridal shower

What is bridal shower tea party

Tea parties for bridal showers are a classic, beautiful, and sophisticated way to celebrate a bride’s approaching wedding. A bride’s kitchen tea can be small and intimate, with only the bridal party in attendance, or it can be a massive affair with all-female relatives and friends who will be invited to the wedding.

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Who gets invited to a Tea Party Bridal Shower?

Due to the lighter food and more feminine decorations, a tea party bridal shower wouldn’t be appropriate for a co-ed event, but male guests or family are welcome to attend.

If a bride wants to invite individuals of the opposite sex to her bridal shower tea party, go for it! An exclusive party is never pleasant, so when sending out invitations, maintain an open mind about who might enjoy this type of event.

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Is it necessary to send formal invitations on a Bridal Shower Tea Party?

You need the bride’s friends and family to celebrate after making an effort to choose and carry out a theme. To ensure that everyone she cares about is present, start by asking her who she wants to invite.

If visitors aren’t invited to the wedding, don’t invite them to the shower as a general rule. After the bride has completed her guest list, request the master wedding guest list from her (or the wedding host) to ensure that you have the correct names and addresses for everyone who has been invited to the bridal shower tea party. Send out invites at least eight weeks before the shower to ensure plenty of time for RSVPs.

For attendees to understand what to expect, the invitation should reflect the party’s theme. Match the colours of the event and the general theme — imagine delicate florals for a high tea, gingham for a country-themed tea, and knots and stripes for a nautical shower.

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Give guests some guidance regarding dress code and any registry information for the couple, in addition to the primary date, time, and place.

How to Throw a Tea Party for a Bridal Shower?

Using a tea party themed bridal shower immediately elevates the event, so make sure you choose the suitable venues. Tea parties are traditionally held at a nice hotel restaurant in your town or a neighboring city, but any elegant restaurant or rentable hall space would suffice.

You should not host a bridal shower tea party in your home if your entertaining outdoor space isn’t thought out and detailed. Before the charming tiny sandwiches ever materialize, step one creates a great ambiance and a sophisticated tone for your gathering.

Because party preparation can be challenging and time-consuming, here are some suggestions for tea party presenters who want to wow brides with an exquisite and well-planned affair. Here are some bridal shower tea party ideas to set up the arrangements.

  • Decide who will be the host.

Decide who will be in control, whether it’s just you or a group of friends or relatives. It’s also the moment to enlist the services of a professional event planner.

  • Compile a guest list

Assist the bride in putting together her perfect guest list. There should only be a few guests since this is a less formal event than a wedding or engagement party. If the groom’s family hosts the celebration, it is appropriate to invite his immediate relatives.

  • Choose a location and a date.

The shower is almost here, so start preparing. Do you want to stage it in a five-star hotel’s opulent private dining room or in someone’s backyard?

As long as the location can accommodate everyone on the guest list, you couldn’t go wrong. After choosing the venue, you can decide on a date depending on availability and the bride’s preferences.

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  • Make a table setup

The table is the focal point of a tea party bridal shower, around which guests cluster. Linens can dress up any table (rent them if you don’t have any). To present artistically, borrow or purchase cake stands and tiers. 

Tea party bridal shower
  • Make a table service plan.

One typical blunder is failing to plan who will serve at the tea party bridal shower food and when. It’s a significant chore at a tea party because it necessitates keeping boiling water on hand at all times.

Maintaining hot water in each kettle is a difficult task!

It is necessary to replace them regularly. The simplest method is to get an electric tea kettle that continuously produces hot water in under a minute and then fill individual kettles on the table.

  • Food & refreshments

Because a tea party bridal shower isn’t necessarily a food-focused occasion, Let guests know ahead of time that they’ll be there for soft drinks and snacks so they can prepare (either grabbing some heavier fare pre or post-shower).

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It’s the bride’s opportunity to share her happy news with people closest to the soon-to-be newlyweds. When you’re only getting married, why not create some great memories of the occasion to preserve them?

What do you serve at a bridal tea party??

In bridal tea party food, sandwiches are a must-have, and Passante recommends a variety.

You must include certain items in the tea party bridal shower food which are

  • Miniature sandwiches
  • Cucumber
  • Watercress egg salad
  • Smoked salmon

These are a must-have for the savoury course.

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Also serve with bite-sized sweets like :

  • Sponge cakes
  • Trifles
  • Cones

As well as a choice of toppings including

  • Jam
  • Clotted cream
  • Marmalade

Petit fours would undoubtedly be served at a high tea party for the queen, and they should be at yours as well! Crab cakes or even a light crab soup would be perfect for a nautical bridal shower.

You’ll need drinks to go with your cuisine once you’ve decided on it. First and foremost, choose tea. You should provide your guests with two or three options, including decaffeinated or herbal tea.

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Most bridal showers now include soft drinks, which are extremely popular among the bride’s friends (or herself, if she’s feeling apprehensive)!

Mimosa bars are a classic choice for any of the themes mentioned above but don’t be afraid to get creative with it.

Why not serve two lemonades, one spiked and one non-alcoholic, to accommodate all guests? That way, everyone may take part in the pleasure.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Favors

Send party favors home with guests to help them remember this memorable occasion. Consider a gift that is relevant to the bride’s interests. You may offer every one of your guests one of the following items:

  • A tea ball and a little jar of loose tea.
  • A small bag of cookies or candy.
  • Soaps produced by hand.
  • A trowel and a seed packet.
  • In a decorated jar, a cookie cutter and handmade cookie mix.

At a bridal tea, what do you do?

You can do a lot of activities, but games are enjoyable at any style of the unique bridal shower, especially one themed around a tea party. They are designed to let guests unwind and get to know one another, and they always end with laughing.

“Find the Guest, Musical Matching, Paper Bride, Who’s That Couple, Cold Feet” are the most lovable tea party bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Tea Party Dress Code: What to Wear?

The most straightforward technique to selecting a tea party bridal shower outfit is to use common sense. The attire should not be too risque, should not cast a negative light on the bride, and should not be too formal. Choose what’s entertaining, comfy, and makes you feel like your best self.

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Another consideration is the color of your bridal shower tea party dress. I wouldn’t recommend wearing white to a bridal shower because the bride is expected to wear white (unless otherwise stated in the invite)


What is the difference between a bridal shower and a bridal tea?

A Bridal Kitchen Tea is traditionally just an afternoon tea at which guests bring a present for the bride that is only suited for the kitchen. Guests at a Bridal Shower, on the other hand, get any gift to “shower” the bride with.

How should I decorate the bridal shower tea party?

You’re probably quite close to the bride-to-be if you’re in charge of planning a wedding shower. Make it about her first and foremost. With these budget-friendly and straightforward bridal shower decoration ideas, you can decorate it up.

  • Make a balloon arch
  • Put together a candy table
  • Gather assorted china
  • Light a few candles
  • Allow them to eat cake
  • Make a Ring Out of It
  • String Balloon Letters
  • Create a Photo Wall


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